Pain relief without medication

VIVO is setting a new benchmark in pain treatment with auricular vagus nerve stimulation (aVNS)

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Pain is a global problem

Every fifth person is affected by chronic pain worldwide. Back pain is particularly common. Despite treatment, more than 30% of these people suffer from severe limitations in their everyday lives. VIVO can change that.

Our method


Pain treatment by vagus nerve stimulation in the ear

The vagus nerve plays a key role in the processing of pain. This is where VIVO comes in. The stimulation of the nerve in the ear triggers the body’s own and sustainable pain relief.

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Advantages of treatment with VIVO

Pain is individual – as must be its treatment. aVNS therapy makes it possible.

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individual treatment of pain
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long-term results, even after therapy ends
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Well tolerated

without the side effects of medication
About us

What motivates us every day

We want to enable people who suffer from chronic pain to live an independent and healthy life without limitations. This vision motivates us every day to give our all and to find new sustainable solutions.

Our mission

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